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The Ultimate Guide to Earn Alliance's Daily Rewards System

Daily Rewards on The Wall: Open Chests, Airdrops, and Have Fun!
Daily Rewards Chests and Airdrops
Daily Rewards Chests and Airdrops

Are you ready to spice up your daily routine and get some sweet rewards while you're at it? Well, look no further than The Wall's daily rewards system!

The Wall’s daily rewards system is designed to give you a chance to win some seriously cool rewards every day and Earn Alliance has allocated a total of over $200k in monthly rewards for this new feature! Now, let's dive into the details and find out how you can join the fun.

Earn More with Every Scroll

As you browse and scroll through The Wall, you will spontaneously and dynamically find a chest embedded into it. It's like finding a hidden gem that's been waiting for you to claim it! Just keep an eye out for a surprise chest as you scroll through the feed, as it will only appear once per day.

The Chest Ranks: Common, Rare, and Epic

The daily rewards program includes 3 different types of chests, each with its own unique level of rarity and reward potential. The common chest is the most basic, while the Epic chest is the holy grail of rewards. Want to test your luck? Go to The Wall and find your daily chest!

Rewards Galore

And what's inside these chests, you ask? Well, it could certainly be any one or more of the following rewards stated below!

  1. $ALLY tokens
  2. Power boosts
  3. Multipliers of your current power

Weekly Airdrop Rewards

Speaking of the weekly airdrop, this is where things get even more exciting! You see, there's a weekly reward airdrop that only a limited number of users will qualify for. And the more power you have, the more chances you have of getting your hands on various juicy rewards!

If you manage to crack open that weekly chest, you're in for a treat - guaranteed! Some rewards for the weekly airdrop include:

  1. Ally tokens
  2. Game tokens
  3. Game NFTs
  4. Last Remains NFTs
  5. Game credits and tools

Power Up Your Chances

So how do you collect power, you ask? Well, it's simple! You can earn permanent power by completing badges, or finding power boosts and multipliers in the chests you discover.

But keep in mind, power boosts reset after every weekly airdrop and if you miss a day coming back to the site. So make sure you come back and keep powering up every day to increase your chances of winning!

How to Get Access to the Daily Rewards?

The Wall's daily rewards are the talk of the town, and you won't want to miss out on the action. But, here's the catch: Only users with an account and power will be privy to these exclusive rewards.

We will be slowly releasing more badges over the coming months, and right now we have 76k unique holders who are privy to the exclusive daily reward system when it comes out!

So, if you want to be a part of all the fun, it's time to get your game face on!

The Daily Rewards Are Waiting for You

So there you have it, folks! Get ready to explore the daily rewards on The Wall and start collecting power to increase your chances of winning the weekly airdrop. Come and join the fun!

If you would like to find out more about the latest updates and developments, simply head to our Discord or Twitter!