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Next up on Earn Alliance, Q1/2023 Edition

Daily rewards, user profiles, multi-tier badges and more.
Next up on Earn Alliance, Q1/2023 Edition

So you’ve minted one or more badges (or all of them, you overachiever!) on Earn Alliance. You’ve collected some power. You might have won a reward from one of our game partners (lucky duck…). And more importantly, you’ve gained exclusive access to our Private Alpha.

And now, you’re probably thinking: Well…now what?

At Earn Alliance, we are on track to become the #1 platform connecting the world’s largest community of gamers to web3 games. We’re only getting started; you and your fellow allies are an integral part of our growth.

Our Private Alpha is open only to our earliest community to explore, test and give feedback on.  

In the next several months, we will be introducing improvements and new features such as:

  • User profiles
  • Unlocking multi-tier badges
  • Seeing tweets and Twitter Spaces on The Wall
  • Liking posts on The Wall
  • Finding daily chests (which may include your very first $ALLY token sighting...!)
  • Opening weekly airdrops with a starting pool of US$200,000 worth of rewards in 2023

Create your own user profile

To secure your place at The Alliance, you’ve already completed the following missions:

  1. You’ve connected your MetaMask. In the future, you’ll be able to connect many more wallets. Collectively, your connected wallets, which contain all the badges you own, are your ID at The Alliance. They are soul-bound and cannot be disconnected.
  2. You’ve connected your socials and joined game communities on these platforms. Connecting your socials, such as Discord and Twitter, allows us to see what you’re genuinely interested in and what communities you belong to, so we can reward you with badges.
  3. You’ve minted your first badge(s). These represent your identity at Earn Alliance: what you’re interested in, what your contributions are, how you like to engage with our community…They are also soul-bound.
  4. You’ve collected power from the badges you’ve minted. Your power represents the strength of your engagement and contribution within The Alliance.

Soon, you will be able to create and modify your personal profile on Earn Alliance.

Your very own Earn Alliance profile

On your profile, you will be able to:

  • Select a username (so we know what to call you)
  • Select a profile pic (so we we can put a face to the name)
  • Tell us about yourself in a bio
  • Connect more wallets
  • Connect and disconnect from socials
  • See your badges
  • See what game communities you belong to, based on the communities you have joined on Discord and Twitter

Unlock multi-tier badges

Since the launch of our Private Alpha, badges have been made available only via one-off minting events. By minting a badge, our early community members essentially earned a key to access our Private Alpha site (closed to the public).

Soon, multi-tier badges will be available for our existing community to earn and mint. Higher-tiered badges require allies to complete missions that increase in difficulty (and power, of course).

Unlock higher tiers of the Discord Badge

Our community will also have access to historic badges that they previously missed, although this does not apply to one-off limited edition badges such as our Christmas and New Year’s badges.

If you missed our Discord Badge during the minting windows in December and January, for example, you’ll be able to find the badge in the badge directory and complete the required missions to mint.  

Follow Twitter updates and like posts on The Wall

The Wall was designed to be your go-to social feed for all web3 game updates, which you can read more about here.

Currently, you can filter all Discord announcements by game genre, blockchain, platform, status, and more.

This is the lite – and most basic – version of The Wall we’ve released for initial testing and feedback.

Like and copy links to individual posts on The Wall

In the next several months, we’ll be enriching The Wall with many more features. You’ll be able to:

  • See tweets and Twitter Spaces
  • Revisit posts by liking and unliking them
  • Save a customized version of The Wall by being able to save filters
  • Engage with posts to find daily chests and win weekly airdrops, which we’ll talk about below

Find daily chests for a chance to win weekly airdrops

At Earn Alliance, we’re all about games. Fun games.

And that’s why we’re weaving an element of fun on our site. In the coming months, we’ll be introducing an ecosystem of daily chests – which you can find by scrolling and engaging with The Wall – and weekly rewards, which you can unlock by collecting chests and power.

*Note that all images below are not final and reflect our work in progress.

First, scroll the wall to find daily chests.

Collect your daily chest – filled with $ALLY token / power boosts / power multipliers!

Increase your chances of opening the weekly airdrop by maximizing power. The higher your power, the more keys you receive to unlock the weekly airdrop.

And if luck is on your side….we’ve prepared a hoard of airdrop rewards – starting with US$200,000 worth of NFTs and tokens from Earn Alliance and our partners in 2023 – for our most loyal (and lucky) allies.  

This is only the beginning at Earn Alliance. We’re thrilled to have you along for the ride. So, just how excited are you for what’s coming?

As always, follow our Discord and Twitter for updates.