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Coming Soon: January Badges

New year, new badges. There's a lot to look forward to this month.
January Badges Campaign Announcement 2023
January Badges Campaign Announcement 2023

As the new year begins, we'd like to wrap up the results of our Christmas campaign and announce our upcoming January badges!

Pumped up and ready to mint more badges with Earn Alliance this year?

Christmas campaign results

Christmas Campaign Stats
Christmas Campaign Stats

The results for our Christmas campaign are here, and we are proud to say that our Discord and Christmas badge campaign was a success with a total of 198k mints and 78K Alpha Pass holders. We have acquired close to 63k total unique badge holders! Last year was a whirlwind for Earn Alliance, and we are grateful for our Allies who are with us on this journey.

An overview of our January badges

Our goal of helping gamers to unlock their potential in the web3 space remains the same, which explains why we already have myriads of great plans installed in Q1 2023 for our community.

But first, we want to start this year on a good note with our Discord badge campaign (second round), our Last Remains whitelist badge campaign, and our New Year badge campaign that are just around the corner!

Tier 1 Discord Badge  (round 2)

Discord Badge Tier 1
Discord Badge Tier 1

Our Discord badge campaign will take place between 12th January - 14th January.

For those who miss out on the first round of discord badge minting, here is your chance! You can unlock and obtain our Tier 1 Discord badge by simply following Earn Alliance's Discord channel.

Last Remains Whitelist Badge

Character (Male)
Character (Male)

Character (Female)
Character (Female)

Our Last Remains whitelist badge campaign will take place between 18th January - 21st January.

Badges released on the first day of the Last Remains whitelist badge campaign will be reserved for people who win the whitelist spot by joining the campaigns previously.

As for the following 3 days, badges will be available on a first-come, first-served basis for open public minting (first 500 people per day).

Those who have successfully minted the whitelist badge are guaranteed a FREE mint for the in-game character NFT and join our alpha test starting in May 2023. Read here for more information about the character NFTs.

New Year Game Badges

Our New Year badge campaign will take place between 22nd January - 29th January.

We will be working with our valuable game partners to come up with 7 game partner badges that are mintable.

To obtain the badge, you will have to join Earn Alliance's Discord channel, follow our Twitter account, as well as our game partners’ Twitter accounts.

You will have a chance to receive airdrops based on the total power that you have accumulated.

On your mark, get set, go!

Already decided on your new year's resolution?

Build on it and make it even better by participating in our January badges campaign! Explore new opportunities in the web3 space and earn exciting rewards to celebrate this New Year with Earn Alliance.

Follow our Discord and Twitter for more information on our latest updates and events!