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Join the Earn Alliance Community and Earn Awesome Rewards on Crew 3

Get rewarded with tokens and exclusive perks for your contributions to the Earn Alliance community!
Join the Earn Alliance Community and Earn Awesome Rewards on Crew 3
Earn Alliance on Crew 3

We have some exciting news to share with you guys! As part of Earn Alliance’s ongoing efforts to enhance our community's engagement and growth, we are thrilled to announce that we will be using Crew3 - a revolutionary platform that helps us achieve our goals by turning our members into true contributors.

Who doesn't love a good reward? With Crew3, we want to ensure members get instant gratification for their contributions. This can range from tokens to exclusive rewards, which can be used to showcase your achievements and level up your status within the community!

So, are you ready to take your contribution to the next level?

User Profile

Under the profile section, you will be able to customise and fill in all your relevant information. Your earned XP (Experience Points), level, and rank in the Earn Alliance community will also be available to you at one glance. If you would like, you can even set a profile picture for yourself.

But hang on just a minute – before doing any of the above it will surely be more important for you to add your wallet address so we can send any future rewards to you. You can connect your wallet by selecting “Link Wallet” under Edit Profile!

Completing Quests and Accumulating XP

Imagine being a part of a community where your efforts and contributions are not only recognized but also rewarded in the long run. That's right, as a user, you can build your own unique XP over time by participating actively in the community.

You could accumulate many XP and be rewarded with exciting monthly rewards! By completing quests and being active in the community, you get to receive the satisfaction of being a valuable part of the community.

We've also got an exciting sprint rewards program that's fair for all users. Everyone starts from scratch and competes to collect as many rewards as possible within a specified time frame (can range from days to weeks). It's a race to the top, and the rewards are oh-so-sweet! So gear up, get set, and let the games begin!

Types of Rewards

There are 3 different types of rewards available for all users:

Level Rewards:

  • Level 2 = Role on Discord
  • Level 3 = Monthly raffle $20 dollars steam credit for 10 pax
  • Level 5 = Access to LR streams, 10 random users get to play/watch the private test
  • Level 9 =  $50 worth of Ally tokens
  • Level 10 = $50 worth of Zcoin

Leaderboard Rewards:

  • Top 10 get $50 worth of Ally tokens
  • 11-50 get $20 worth of Ally tokens
  • 51-100 get $10 worth of Ally tokens

Sprint Rewards:

The rewards will be distributed and given out to the top players of the Sprint leaderboard, with a total of only 101 winners. Players with higher rankings will have a preference for selection! The rewards include:

  • 1 SteamDeck (64Gb)
  • 25 x $25 USDC
  • 25 x $50 Ally token (Sent on TGE)
  • 30 x Last Remains WL
  • 20 x $20 Steam Credit

Currently, we have an ongoing sprint campaign with over $20k reward pool over the next 3 months! Interested to find out more? Well, simply join the campaign here or hop onto our Discord and Twitter channels for some thrilling insights and exciting updates!

Trust me, you won't want to miss out on the fun. Stay on top of our latest updates and help us shape the future of our community!