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Introducing The Wall

All your web3 game updates aggregated in a single, customizable feed.
The Wall is Now Live
The Wall is Now Live

Whether you’re a gamer, game developer, or curious spectator interested in the burgeoning GameFi space, managing updates from hundreds of new games can be very tedious.

We know, and we got your back.

Imagine being able to follow all web3 game updates on a single feed, where you can skim through all the updates you’re looking for. Imagine being able to filter all game updates about first-person shooters (FPS), drill down into games only on Polygon, or automatically follow announcements from playable games.

Imagine that, and more.

The Wall aggregates all your web3 game updates from various social channels in a single, customizable feed, starting with Discord announcements from 500+ games.

No more flipping between social platforms and Discord servers to track updates and notifications.

In the coming months, The Wall will also support tweets, Twitter Spaces and more.

All game announcements are updated on The Wall in real time, so you can stay informed about the games you’re interested in!

Only on Earn Alliance

Allies who have access to Earn Alliance’s private alpha can easily access The Wall on the site:

  1. Head over to Earn Alliance
  2. Login, or if you don’t have an account, mint a badge for access to the private alpha
  3. Access The Wall on the navigation bar at the top

Use game filters to customize your feed

Too much content, too little time? Customize your feed by using the filters on the left.

You will be able to filter game categories and dive into a focused set of games by selecting your preference using the search filter.

For example, you can filter games based on gameplay, theme, platform, and so much more!

Daily rewards coming soon

In the coming months, daily rewards will be embedded into the wall.

Every day, users perusing The Wall may find a reward chest in the feed. The type of chest and rewards you find will depend on the time you’ve spent on The Wall and the power you hold.  

The rewards you may find or earn are:

  • NFTs from various web3 games
  • Whitelists mint opportunities
  • Private alpha passes
  • $ALLY tokens
  • Power boosts

We’ll be diving deeper into our Daily Rewards soon!

Farming Prevention

Fairness is important to us at The Alliance.

To ensure those who are earning rewards are genuine users/readers, farming prevention mechanisms will be implemented to prevent users from creating multiple accounts.

Similarly, bots who attempt to manipulate the system, imitate, or replicate the behavior of users will not be tolerated as well.

Follow our Discord and Twitter for more information and keep yourself updated with our latest news!