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Introducing the Rocket Launcher

Discover web3 game NFT launches and collect unique in-game collectibles all in one place.
Introducing the Rocket Launcher

Are you a fan of web3 games and NFTs? Do you want to take your gaming experience to the next level? Well, hold on to your seats because the Rocket Launcher is here!

Mint NFTs and digital collectibles from web3 games

We know that you, dear gamer, love collecting unique and exclusive in-game assets. Luckily for you, the Rocket Launcher is the ultimate platform for discovering game-focused NFT launches.

On the Rocket Launcher, you can discover and collect just-launched NFT collections with in-game utility – meaning the items you collect will serve a purpose in the games you play, making your gaming experience more exciting and rewarding!

At Earn Alliance, we’ve partnered with web3 games and will be aggregating NFT platforms into the Rocket Launcher, making it easier for you to access the assets and collectibles you’ve been eyeing.

A wide range of NFT collections

Below are some of the NFT collections that will be available on the Rocket launcher:

  • Giant Leap
  • Last Remains
  • KryptoFighters
  • Born to Die
  • Citizen Conflict
  • War Legends
  • Kingdom Story
  • Apeiron
  • Undead Blocks
  • Tollan Worlds

Seamless mints, bot protection and more…

Earn Alliance’s Rocket Launcher provides an end-to-end process of NFT launch and minting, making it easy for games to launch their collections and gamers/collectors to access mints.

Games want to engage genuine gaming communities, which is why we will be implementing advanced anti-bot techniques and multi-account protection mechanisms.

Users are also able to mint many game assets for free, making these collectibles and NFTs more accessible than ever.

Get started with a wallet

To mint a game NFT on the Rocket Launcher, all you need is an Earn Alliance account and a Metamask wallet (Don’t have a Metamask? Learn how to set one up in a few minutes.)

Each NFT collection comes with its own set of missions. To qualify for the mint, simply complete the missions and you’re good to go. Missions include:

  1. Creating an Earn Alliance account
  2. Connecting to Metamask
  3. Following a game on socials
  4. Getting on a game’s whitelist

So, what are you waiting for? Join us now and get ready for…blast off.

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