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How to Prepare for the Earn Alliance (Free) Mint

You'll need a Metamask and a bit of $MATIC.
Connect MetaMask Wallet to Prepare for the Earn Alliance Mint
Connect MetaMask Wallet to Prepare for the Earn Alliance Mint

Ready to forge your path with Earn Alliance? In its earliest stages, Earn Alliance will be locked and closed to the public. But don’t get us wrong – we’re open to web3’s most loyal supporters and allies. If you want in, you’re in.

Here’s a TL;DR to prepare for our free mint:

  1. Make sure you have a Metamask wallet
  2. And that it contains a bit of $MATIC for gas

If time is on your hands, forge ahead.

Connect your wallet

You will need to connect a Metamask wallet to mint an Earn Alliance Ally badge. If you don’t own a Metamask wallet, no sweat. Learn how to set one up here in two minutes. With a freshly minted badge, you will officially become our ally here and an integral part of our tribe!

Mint an ally badge

Why do badges exist and why do we need them? Badges on Earn Alliance are called Ally Badges – they represent your identity and achievements in the community. Once you complete the required badge missions, such as joining our Discord server, you can mint a badge, and it’s yours to own forever. Read more about our badges here.  

Anyone with a Metamask wallet and a tiny bit of $MATIC (for gas) can fulfill their mint an Ally Badge. That simple? Yes.

However, while badge minting at Earn Alliance is free, there’s no getting around gas fees.  So do remember to deposit at least a bit of $MATIC in your Metamask before minting! You can purchase $MATIC from cryptocurrency exchanges through the use of U.S. dollars or other fiat currency. Myriads of cryptocurrency exchanges out there also offer trading pairs, allowing you to trade cryptocurrencies that you own with $MATIC. There will be a limited number of each Ally Badge available, and they can only be minted for a limited period of time. Each requires you to fulfill a different set of missions.    

Twitter attendance proof

To mint other and higher tier badges, some of your missions will include attending Earn Alliance-hosted community events and campaigns. If you stay for 30 minutes or more at our events, you will be able to mint NFT attendance proofs from our AMA collection on Galxe under the “rewards” section. The NFT will serve as exclusive proof that you have joined a specific Twitter space.

Final thoughts

The web3 gaming space is full of unexplored potential and opportunities. Earn Alliance is deeply invested in building an exciting future for gamers by building and nurturing a rich community.

To find out more about Earn Alliance, check out our community channels on Discord and Twitter. Unlock new opportunities and find your tribe with us!

**The minting of badges and signing up on our platform with your MetaMask wallets are available for this event. However, do note that our platform will still be locked during this period.