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Hello, World! Introducing Earn Alliance

Community, tools and games: introducing Earn Alliance to the world!
Hello, World! Introducing Earn Alliance
The Alliance

In our previous article, we expressed our view that the future of blockchain gaming will be fun, sustainable and competitive.

Today, we want to officially introduce Earn Alliance to the world!

Earn Alliance is a comprehensive infrastructure platform and community that uniquely serves the needs of three major stakeholders of blockchain gaming – gamers, communities (guilds, influencers, friends) and games.

These three ecosystems are interdependent, and we believe that by addressing some of the challenges faced by all three stakeholders, we can help shape and scale the blockchain gaming industry.

Our platform was designed after months of careful customer interviews, and thoughtful feedback sessions with some of our design partners.


Web3 gamers are the pioneers of the future we envision.  In this future, games have the ability to positively impact billions of lives, and gamers are much more than gamers. They are owners, investors, content creators – whoever they want to be in web3 – and have access to any number of opportunities to unlock their full potential, so long as they have a (stable) internet connection.

Game developers first and foremost design for gamers, and our platform is no different. Gamers form the core audience of our platform, and they are the audience that we believe kicks off our growth flywheel.

Here is our vision for serving the next generation of gamers:

Web3 passport

Gamers lack a comprehensive and transparent passport showcasing their social interests, skills, community memberships and in-game achievements, such as win rates. Earn Alliance offers gamers soul-bound NFT badges to represent their identity and credentials in web3.

The importance of soul-bound NFTs cannot be overstated, as they allow web3 participants to selectively display and carry their identities across platforms, while retaining complete ownership of their data (for a comprehensive explanation of soul-bound NFTs, refer to Vitalik’s paper on “Finding Web3’s Soul”).

Unlock and mint a soul-bound badge on Earn Alliance

Our platform automatically imports several important player stats across their web3 games to showcase their skills and achievements. Some badges will be socially dynamic, showcasing games and communities players heavily support and ones they no longer participate in.

Badges will be at the very center of Earn Alliance’s incentivization model: the more one genuinely supports communities, the more badges one holds, the more power one collects and the more rewards they receive. A detailed article on how this works will follow.


Using soul-bound badges as an identity, players can discover and learn their competition, make new friends and follow their activity, and market themselves effectively to guilds looking to recruit or apply for assets being lent on the open economy.

Ultimately, we believe that gamers learn from other gamers! Most gamers spend much more time streaming games versus playing them. In fact, in Q2 2021, gamers spent a whopping 9 billion hours streaming games, and per a report from Inc, watching video games became a bigger than traditional spectator sporting events.

Gamer profile on Earn Alliance


Earn Alliance is a social community of gamers that incentivizes quality content creation and sharing. A portion of our ECT tokens (pre-sale planned for Q2 2023) and tokens / NFTs from our gaming partners will be dedicated to kickstart our growth flywheel via content production.

Players can also discover the latest web3 games, see tutorials on how to play games and check out action reels from popular web3 gamers.

Phantom Galaxies game trailer by Earn Alliance

We believe our platform will further our vision for making blockchain gaming fun and accessible, by incentivizing web3 gamers to connect, share, discover and compete!


Web3 game discovery

Web3 games today are siloed, often marketing to the same player base, but using disparate social channels (Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Youtube). While this may work for the most well-funded and popular games, we want to empower all web3 gaming studios to be able to publish games onto a channel with a diverse set of blockchain gaming participants.

As of 2022, Steam has been very hesitant to adopt blockchain games, and we believe that by providing a comprehensive infrastructure platform to guilds and gamers, we can offer games an effective distribution channel.

Players can browse the latest web3 games, community generated content, check out action trailers and gameplay, player reviews, and launch these games directly from Earn Alliance!

Game directory 

Earn Alliance won’t be “yet another social network” to manage for game developers. Our curated game directory will be plugged into announcements, blogs, twitters and more to make it easy for games to communicate to you and for you to read what’s up-n-coming in crypto-gaming.


We are working hand-in-hand with up-and-coming games like Apeiron – a unique, card-based, action-adventure combat system combined with god-themed simulation gameplay.

We are developing key blockchain automations for Apeiron’s game NFTs, allowing players and guilds to effectively breed their in-game assets to get the best probabilistic outcomes.

Earn Mangement - Apeiron Breed Party feature 

No matter the utility of game NFTs, we can offer white-glove automations for your in-game actions, and if this sounds interesting to you, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Eventually, our protocol will have standard interfaces that developers can automatically plug in to our ecosystem. Standards for breeding, liquidity pooling, non-escrow marketplace listing, payments, asset distribution, scholar access control, community game APIs and more will maximise the fun and success for gamers, guilds, communities and games.

Game publishing

As we look forward to the thousands of blockchain-powered games that will be released in the near future, we will also partner with the best game teams and onboard them to web3.

Here’s our first: In partnership with Renderer Games, we will be publishing Last Remains, an art-driven stealth zombie battle ground. The beta version will be playable as soon as Q3 2023 for our earliest community supporters.

Last Remains in-game footage

This game partnership is an opportunity to showcase what a deeply connected game-community-tool ecosystem can look like in web3 gaming, and what we believe the future of sustainable game economies will look like.

In the future, Earn Alliance will continue to support different types of game partnerships, with publishing being only one of many.


Esports 2.0

As mentioned in our previous article, we believe the future of guilds looks similar to how esports companies currently operate, rather than guilds acting like capital machines deploying into gamers with enough free time and low opportunity cost of time spent in gaming.

This is because web3 games will become more sustainable, and the “earn” component will be a direct function of intense competition among players chasing limited tokens / prize pools.

Earn Alliance promotes transparency in player statistics, which allows both guilds and gamers to effectively discover each other. This introduces healthy competition among guilds to assess which players to recruit, and shifts the balance of power to land in the hands of the most talented web3 gamers. Guilds will need to find unique player / asset combinations to aggressively compete with each other, and Earn Alliance will facilitate this discovery process.


For guilds, spending time focusing on selecting the right team of players and the right games to train their players in is far more important than building out internal or game-based automations.

Earn Alliance takes away the operational complexity for guilds to implement key in-game automations such as breeding, but also internal automations such as distributing earnings from games to players, renting NFT assets, and optimizing team selection.

On Earn Mangement, we’ve helped people manage over 300,000 Axie Infinity assets and plan to take those lessons to infinity and beyond.  

A snapshot from user wallet dashboard on Earn Management

Game NFT liquidity pools and exchange

As more money comes into crypto-game economies, guilds will need to be smart with how they deploy existing in-game assets across gaming NFT liquidity pools. Earn Alliance will allow guilds and gamers to pair with NFT liquidity seamlessly, enabling them to lease out NFTs to a broader audience even outside their guild members. Earn Alliance’s native NFT Exchange will also provide the ability to buy and sell assets en-masse via market and limit orders.

Automation tools are available today on Earn Management and you can follow the development of our community on Earn Alliance.

In the next article, we will explore our tokenomics and how they will play well with the Earn Alliance ecosystem.