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The Earn Alliance x Mirror Alpha Pass

Our partnership with mirror.xyz, minting the Mirror Alpha Pass and more.
Earn Alliance X Mirror
Earn Alliance x Mirror

Dear $WRITERs,

We’re proud to announce, Mirror.xyz will be the official publishing platform for all articles written by our decentralized gamer community!

Earn Alliance is excited to formally invite the Mirror.xyz community to Earn Alliance! We have been a part of the mirror community since May 2022 and have imagined deeply integrating with mirror.xyz, which has finally come to fruition.

Earn Alliance is a one-stop community platform made to bring together all web3 games news, updates, and gamers to help discover one another and explore opportunities to collaborate.

Mirror.xyz plays a big part in this by allowing our community, also known as the members of our tribe, to post opinion pieces, news, digests, and dive deep into web3 games.

All future news on the site will be powered by our community and reviewed by our expert game moderators.

We are embarking on a mission to enhance the experience of our writers. More details will follow on our criteria for submission later this year.

Not to mention: we have over 200+ articles written by our community to be launched on Mirror.xyz before the end of the year! Earn Alliance will seamlessly integrate with Mirror.xyz to review posts for publications and provide feedback directly on our website in Q1 2023.

Earn Alliance private alpha will debut in December. The private alpha will continue until early 2023 and there are only a few ways you can gain early access.

The first way to gain access to the private alpha launch will be by minting our exclusive Earn Alliance Mirror Alpha Pass below and becoming our early subscriber!

Upon minting the pass, you will be able to log in with the same wallet you have minted on the Mirror Alpha Pass, which will enable you to gain access to all features on the site!

In Q1 2023, do keep a lookout for news on our $WRITER program including the ability to earn badges by contributing to our web3 game community - like this one below.

Earn Alliance X Mirror Alpha Pass

Looking forward to seeing you all on Earn Alliance! Any feedback would be welcomed and appreciated as we’re keen to build and go on this journey with you.

Don’t be shy and come say hi on Discord or Twitter.