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Ally Badges: The Discord Badge

Complete your first missions to mint your first badge on Earn Alliance.
Ally Badges: The Discord Badge

Yesterday, we introduced our Ally Badges and how they play a key role here at The Alliance. If you’ve not read up on our badges (no hard feelings here; we know life gets in the way), you can do so here.

We also said we’d reveal your first missions soon. Well, by soon we meant soon.

Here is everything you need to know about our first Ally Badge:

The Discord Badge
The Discord Badge is earned by those who have joined our community on Discord. You've followed our journey from day 1, joined our community and have shown us your devotion to The Blockchain. You’ve made it this far. Are you ready to forge your future with us?

Your first mission

  1. Join The Alliance on Discord
  2. Level up from your Newbie role in the #build-your-profile channel

Once you’ve completed your first mission, your achievements will be logged in a permanent record.

When the time is right (psst: December), you will be able to mint tier 1 of the Discord Badge FOR FREE.

The badge you hold will be your key to unlocking the portal to Earn Alliance.

Level up missions

Like most Ally Badges, the Discord Badge has 5 tiers. The missions increase in difficulty and scope as you level up, but nothing will be impossible. We believe in you.

Discord Badge tiers

To unlock tiers 2 to 5, you must complete missions such as:

  1. Achieve a top rank on our Discord
  2. Build a full profile on our Discord
  3. Participate in our daily quizzes, polls and discussions on Discord
  4. Participate in tournaments as a player or viewer
  5. Join our events: Discord AMAs, Twitter Spaces and livestreams
  6. Refer fellow allies of web3 to our Discord

The full details of each of these missions will be fully revealed once you’ve unlocked tier 1 of the Discord Badge and have fully identified yourself on Earn Alliance.


  • Recognition as one of our community’s first allies
  • Private, first access to Earn Alliance
  • Exclusive access to 12 limited edition Christmas and New Year’s game badges and reward airdrops
  • Share in future community reward pools
  • White-listed for future drops, utilities and benefits


The portal to Earn Alliance will open in December 2022, but your journey with us begins now. Start your missions today, friend. We will be watching closely.

Best of luck and see you on the other side.