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Earn Tokenomics Part 1: Ally Badges

Incentivize, track and reward achievements in web3 with NFT badges on Earn Alliance.
Earn Tokenomics Part 1: Ally Badges

Earn Alliance is on a mission to make life-changing opportunities accessible to everyone via games. We are recruiting web3’s most loyal supporters and allies to embark on this journey with. Together, we will forge our future in gaming and unlock our collective potential.

If you missed our exceptionally elaborate introduction to Earn Alliance in the previous post and you have exactly 6 minutes to spare, you can read all about it here.

Now that we’re better acquainted, let’s take a deeper look at how we will be incentivizing, tracking and rewarding your contributions on Earn Alliance and to the larger web3 gaming space.

Today, we’ll be introducing our Ally Badges.

One of our Ally Badges

As an Alliance, we aim to build our future from the ground up, together. Our mintable Ally Badges represent your social identity, participation and credentials in web3.

Whoever you are and wherever you come from – whether you’re a gamer, content creator, game publisher, community leader, or just a curious lurker / observer – The Blockchain welcomes one and all. You will have the opportunity to explore your potential and complete missions to unlock different badges specific to your interests.

The badges you earn are your badge(s) of honor. They cement your status as an ally, and embody the unique part you play in The Alliance. That is why they are called Ally Badges.

In the future, the badges you hold – or specifically, the power you accrue from your badges (more on this below) – will determine your odds of receiving epic airdrops of our partners’ NFTs and tokens, our future token(s), physical swag, exclusive access to digital and physical events, and much, much more.

Badges are your key to unlocking Earn Alliance

The very first utility of holding an Ally Badge is gaining access to Earn Alliance’s private alpha.

Earn Alliance private alpha gated behind the Discord Badge

Wait, I can’t be a part of Earn Alliance unless I own a badge?

That’s right. The Blockchain welcomes all friends, but you must first prove your commitment to The Alliance.

Your badge is your key to Earn Alliance: a rich, vibrant, on-chain community of devoted allies, your opportunity to start building your identity and profile in web3, access to the largest web3 gaming directory in the world, and curated high-quality content.

For the first several months, Earn Alliance will be gated behind an Ally Badge. To access the locked platform, you must complete your first missions and mint an Ally Badge.

Various Ally Badges will be available for minting one at a time, whether it’s our Discord, Advocate or partner badges, and only for a limited period of time – if you miss the window for minting a badge, you must wait to unlock the next badge to unlock the portal to Earn Alliance!

Badges as soul-bound NFTs

The Ally Badges are soul-bound. The Blockchain sees all; it recognizes all its allies and makes a record of all your efforts and achievements. This cannot be undone.  

The badges you earn are tokens of your identity, interests, participation and contributions to The Alliance. Your achievements, and thus your badges, cannot be transferred or sold.  

And before you ask: No, it is not possible to sell your soul here. We simply don't condone it!

Ready-to-mint Discord badge

The badges are not one-and-done. At Earn Alliance, we recognize potential when we see it and value progress above all else.

There are multiple tiers to every badge (well, most badges). They each serve a purpose, with a unique set of missions. Whether it’s joining a game’s community on Twitter or Discord, completing an educational web3 course, supporting an important milestone, ranking on a game’s leaderboard, the badges you earn showcase that work you’ve done in and for our community.

Not all can be rewarded, however. All badges are limited in quantity and become more scarce as The Alliance grows and you progress to higher-tiered badges. While the first badges you unlock may seem fairly easy to obtain, the missions will become increasingly difficult.

The Alliance rewards those who persevere, and their hard work will not go unnoticed.

Badges are powered

Each Ally Badge carries power. A badge’s power will vary depending on the difficulty of its missions and its supply.

If your collection of badges symbolizes your identity and interests in web3, your collective power represents the strength of your contribution to The Alliance.
Your total accrued power from badges earned

The more power you have, the higher your chances of getting rewards or access to exclusive opportunities. The benefits of power will grow in the years to come, but in the near future, you can expect the following:

  • Similar to traditional staking rewards, your power is your “share” of the total reward pool. When tokens are distributed, you will get your share of the pool.

For example: If a total of 1,000 power has been collectively minted in The Alliance, and you hold a total of 100 power, you are entitled to 10% of the token rewards that will be distributed.

  • NFT airdrops cannot be split by the community, so power acts as an “entry” to potentially winning NFT airdrops.

For example: Similar to the previous example, if you have 100 power out of 1,000 power minted in The Alliance, you have a 10% chance of getting the NFT.

  • For more allies to benefit from the rewards, some airdrops may invoke a “win once” rule. If there are 3 NFTs being airdropped, and 3 individuals own 100 power each out of the 1,000 total power in The Alliance, the following would occur.

Ally (X, Y, Z) all have a 10% chance to get the NFT. Ally X gets the NFT in the first drop out of 3.

Now that Ally X has won, their share is taken out and there is now only a total of 900 power eligible for the second NFT drop. Allies Y and Z each have a 11% chance now. Ally Y gets the second drop.

There is now a total of 800 power eligible for the third NFT drop, for which Ally Z has a 12.5% chance of winning.

  • Some exclusive events may require specific badges or a minimum amount of power for allies to join.

For example Last Remains private alpha may allow anyone with 500 power or more to join the 6-hour play test event!

Our community is still new. Over time, we will develop more concepts around the idea of power contributions in The Alliance.

Embark on missions to unlock higher tiers

Most badges will have several tiers. This is to ensure that as individuals and as a community, we never stop growing. There is always ample room for more contribution, more progress and more rewards.  

To unlock higher-tiered badges, the missions you are asked to complete will increase both in difficulty and scope, and can take anywhere from minutes to months to achieve. Naturally, the more difficult the set of missions, the more power the badge will yield.

Tier 4 Discord Badge is locked until missions are complete

Remember, we don’t have a lot of time. Each badge and tier has a limited supply, and the missions are time-sensitive. The supply will be released over the course of months or years, but being the first, as always, will guarantee your spot.

Built for humans, not bots

In a world of bots, farmers and pumps / dumps, it is our priority to ensure it is only web3’s truest – and real – allies and supporters that are able to earn badges and are rewarded for their contributions.

Our efforts will cover captcha bots, SMS text verifications, advanced bot detection methodologies and time-based requirements such as recognizing only older Twitter profiles or Discord memberships.

In the near future, we will come up with many more creative ways to ensure communities build a following of genuine allies to discover and support the mission.

Living, breathing, socially-aware badges

Your commitment to The Alliance is not over once you’ve minted an Ally Badge.

We reward those who prove their allegiance time and again. However, this recognition is conditional. We do not reward those who choose to divert or break off from their missions.

While a badge that’s been minted cannot be taken away, the power that comes from the badge can be temporarily removed.

For example, if you’ve unlocked the Discord Badge by joining the Discord server, and you later decide to abandon the server, the power attached to your Discord Badge will be stripped from you. The power, status and privileges you lose equate to the share you lose to future community reward pools, events and opportunities.

In the future, badges will also be dynamically socially-aware in that they will change states with an increased or decreased amount of power depending on your level of activity.

A badge for everyone

The Alliance is made up of a diverse group of believers. We know there are many types of gamers out in the world, and our mission is to onboard all of them to The Alliance.

Bartle’s Player Type shares some of the ideas around the 4 different types of gamers: Achievers, Socializers, Explorers and Competitors. We will have badges and a place in our community for all types of gamers and will ensure we diversify how badges can be achieved based on their proclivities.

Bartle's player types

Free for all?

Will badges be free-to-mint for all? Good question. It’s a question we’re still asking ourselves.

This is where you, a clever, contributing member of The Alliance, can come in and help us in making a decision.

We believe the Ally Badges are your social passport and key to proving your worth to your current and future communities. The major benefit of free mints is that everyone will have the opportunity to cement their achievements in The Blockchain and write them into our collective history.

However, adding a small cost to minting an Ally Badge is not without its advantages. We would be able to:  

  • Support our operating costs
  • Prevent farmers from taking advantage of the Ally Badges’ limited supply
  • Fund community events
  • Pay for real life swag

We want to know what you think. Join us on Discord and Twitter to share your opinion on where this decision should go!